Agenda 2030 cookathon in Belgrade

In order to promote Agenda 2030 through activities related to sustainable food production, food consumption and food waste management SI, Embassy of Sweden in Belgrade with partners will arrange a cookathon.

Six cooking teams with a professional chef, a food blogger and a student have a task to create green healthy dishes which are both tasty and good for us and our planet.

The meals should be based on the Agenda 2030 principles of food sustainability, that is organic, local and healthy with no waste. The teams will also talk in public and describe how and why they are creating green healthy dishes to inspire audience to eat more greens.

Target groups are professional chefs, food bloggers, media, students, food lovers, start up entrepreneurs and photographers

The activity is part of the project Food for tomorrow, a three-year initiative organized by SI in the Western Balkans and in Sweden. The initiative is implemented in various collaborations and formats where teams take on challenges, where participants with different profiles and skills work to solve concrete problems in the food system.

Project Manager