Azerbaijan: Kanelbulle Day Celebration with Autistic Children

Cinnamon buns

This activity is organised by Sweden Students & Alumni Network Azerbaijan and is open invited guests.

Our major purpose is to highlight SDG 16, Social Inclusiveness by coming together with autistic children, cooking Kanelbulle, playing games, having fika, simultaneously promoting Swedish clunaria and culture.

We expect creating an awareness in our country by involving particularly this group of people and show that how it is possible and fun to spend a quality time with them. Within the context of Social Inclusiveness this event will prove that we might only have barriers in our mindset, not in giving space to these people and do certain activities.

Special guests: Mr. Ambassador of Sweden to Baku, his asisstance
Director or deputy of Dost Agency
Director of the place will host us – Joint and Healthy Public Union

Program of the event:
Openning clauses by director of SSANA and special guests
Presenting T-shirts to children before cooking session starts
Dividing them two groups
While one group will start cooking, another half will be playing specifically designed games with attendees. Both sessions will be followed up by their teachers and Dost Agency Volunteers. Our special guests will be initiated to join both groups.
Then groups will switch roles
Once each group is done with either gaming or cooking, cofee/tea break, at the same time mini lunch time will start
All attendees will gather around a big table and mingle
Gift boxes will be presented to children
Memory photos will be taken
Closing clauses will start by SSANA director and continue with special guests
General discussion and mingling session will going on

All in all, it is aimed to provide overall involvement, inclusiveness and spend a fun, memorable day together. So to say, leaving no one behind.

Venue: Joint and Healthy Public Union Center, Baku