Bolivia – Plastic free week and Reforestation

Join Sweden Alumni Network Bolivia in their #PlasticFreeWeekSI activities.

The network is planning some webinars with experts that could explain the plastic problem in a deeper manner. Then, we are planning two types of challenges. One, where people are challenged to not use any type of plastic during a week, then, the people would have to share pictures and their experience about that week. Another challenge, would be to encourage people to throw their plastic waste into special containers inside their organizations (Such as banks). So, at the end of the week, the plastic waste produced by each person or at least by groups of people inside their organization would be weighted. This way, people would realize the amount of plastic that is producing in a week. Then, during the seminars we are planning to invite a guest from the Mayor Hall to encourage people to classify their waste and through it is the specialized waste containers that were implemented in the city.

For the closing of the activity on September 30, we are planning a Plogging activity with a reforestation of the worked area, our activity is open and we hope to have a great impact never seen before in the city.

Organiser: Sweden Alumni Network Bolivia
Venue: Parque Nacional Mallasa – La Paz Bolivia
Open to: Everyone
Contact person: