Bolivia: Webinar on Circular Fashion

Person som tittar in i en dator

This activity is organised by the Sweden Alumni Network Bolivia and is open to all. 

This webinar is open to all public and this year focus is women entrepreunership. Meet initiatives that Bolivian women are doing to make fashion sustainable. We are glad to announce that Sandra Acosta from Colombia will be our key speaker and share with us her amazing experience with Beltrana.

This is our program

17:00 Opening of the Event
Representative of Swedish Embassy
17:05 The Swedih market for textiles
Karen Velasco (Swedish Embassy)
17:25 My clothes count: Center of recycling and upcycling
Nohelia Condori (Mi ropa vale,La Paz)
17:45 To the infinite: ”Memorial teddies”
Jimena Pedraza Nuñez del Prado & Rosa Elena Alonso Barba (To the infinite, Santa Cruz)
18:05 Duality: Sustainable Fashion
Mayra de los Ríos (Dualidad, Santa Cruz)
18:25 Beltrana: A social experience
Sandra Acosta Beltrán (Colombia)
19:00 Opening of online store & Announcement of fashion passarela in Santa Cruz
Gabriela Pinaya (Organizer of the event)
19:15 Closing of the event
Georgina Chávez (Vicepresident of Sweden Alumni Network Bolivia)

This activity is part of the Circular Fashion event organized by the Sweden Alumni Network Bolivia.

Venue: Online