Eat smart talks with food waste fika

How we eat can change the world. Welcome to discuss sustainable food production and smart solutions to reduce food waste in our cities.

What each one of us puts on our plate matters. What our food consists of, whether it was grown organically and how far it has been transported are all factors that should be considered when choosing a meal. Organic, locally produced vegetarian food is better than conventionally raised beef from across the globe. High-demanding crops mean that agriculture occupies more than 35 per cent of earth’s surface, the largest use of land on the planet. Agriculture also makes use of 70 per cent of all water withdrawn from aquifers, streams and lakes. And roughly 30 per cent of the food produced is lost or wasted.

Meet persons who work with different aspects of sustainable food to share their insights and solutions.

Host: Birgitta Tennander and Fuad Haidar, Project Managers at SI


Andrea Stover,  Founder of Stockholm Food Movement

Elin Aronsen Beis, Founder of FoodLoopz

Mats Jarnhammar, CEO, Living Cities


No fee, but please register here before 2 April http://food waste fika