Ethiopia: Global Guy Talk

This activity is organised by the Ethio-Swedish Alumni Network and is open to all. 

Global Guy talk is an initiative that was first launched in Sweden in 2016 following a public discussion about abuse. It is an initiative to help men talk about things they rarely talk about with the help of conversational guides. It is an opportunity for men to share experiences with each other and reach a deeper understanding of how norms and expectations often create an unhealthy and destructive environment.

What does it mean to be a man? What are the societal expectations, requirements, and norms that define the ‘real man’? A man is expected to provide for families, to be strong, to not show emotions, and to not let people see weaknesses. Traditional gender norms risk affecting our well-being and building up obstacles for how we can live our lives.

Men keeping their feelings to themselves affects their mental health and in the long run affect their families leading to broken homes.

In an effort to contribute to a gender equal world where men can build stronger relationships within the society, this unique event is aimed at initiating talk about vulnerability, avoidance, sex, love, friendship, ego, dads, colleagues, and teens among male members of alumni and guests.

A conversation leader will lead the discussion. Few questions from the above categories will be selected and presented to the audience for discussions followed by fika.

This event is mainly intended only for male participants.

Venue: Ben’ Bar and Restaurant, Addis Ababa