Exhibition: Ingmar Bergman – la suite

How does the work of Ingmar Bergman go beyond the status of cultural heritage by manifesting itself in new forms in today's creative practice?

The work of Ingmar Bergman remains very much alive more than ten years after his death. It knows no boundaries and has become a reference in the collective imagination; in Sweden and for film lovers all over the world, Bergman himself has become an emblematic figure. Beyond film and theatre, he inspires many artists in disciplines as varied as dance, art, design, music, fashion and literature.
The exhibition focuses on Bergman the man, his era and his legacy. It attempts to approach the diversity and richness of what he has handed down to us from a playful, poetic, aesthetic, critical and even sometimes comic perspective. An introduction “For Dummies” presents Bergman via a timeline and interactive presentation with his house on the island of Fårö forming a backdrop. The exhibition continues in Bergman’s footsteps, examining the many different ways in which Bergman has influenced contemporary artists. It includes short films and videos, fashion photos, stage costumes, furniture, and even a new feminist reading in the form of an animated film, all providing different takes on Bergman’s subject matter and iconic imagery.
With Tomas Alfredson, Magnus Länje, Jane Magnusson, Nina Sandström, Marie Strömberg, Liv Strömquist…

In parallel at the Café Suédois, ten young illustrators present their free interpretation of Ingmar Bergman’s world. The exhibition takes the form of a competition, so we invite all Bergman fans and illustration buffs to vote for their favourite artwork!

Vernissage. 18.10.2018 / 18:00 – 20:00

Admission free.
Tuesday – sunday / 12:00 – 18:00

Exhibition organised as part of Ingmar Bergman 100 Years, in collaboration with the Ingmar Bergman Foundation and the Sergeant Paper Gallery.  With support from the Swedish Embassy, Folio, GigantPrint AB, Gislerud carpets, Jays, Jönköping University and the Swedish Arts Council. #Bergman100
Part of the Ingmar Bergman season at the Institut Suédois. Click here to discover the program in detail.