Fashion revolution goes Hongkong

The Consulate General of Sweden and the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in HongKong gathers leading experts of the Fashion industry to discuss solutions.
Massor med grå trådrullar symboliserar på bilden det event om hållbart mode som arrangeras av svenska handelskammaren och svenska generalkonsulatet i Hongkong.

By show casing the exhibition Fashion Revolution and arranging talks with experts from both HongKong and Sweden focus is for two weeks dedicated to raise the level of knowledge around the negative enviromental and social effects the fashion industry causes and to highlight solutions, both existing and future.

In two different seminars the headlines are ”The future of innovative materials” and “Sustainability from A to Z”. Some of the questions to be answered are What can we expect? And which are the big threats? From a Sustainable industry to a Sustainable society, what is the role and the responsibility of the fashion industry? How can we become better at sharing ideas, research and innovations? What does sustainability actually mean? Is anything around us really sustainable? Greenwashing…how common is it? And how can we make sure we are not being cheated? Conscious consumption – how can we all reduce the climate impact?

The speakers are Peter Bäckström, Global Change Award, H&M Foundation, Åsa Östlund, Former Program Director for the Research Program Mistra Future Fashion, RISE, Jenny Fredricsdotter, Circular Business Manager, Re:newcell, Edwin Keh, CEO Hong Kong Research Institute of Textile and Apparel (HKRITA), Walden Lam, Chief Hustler and Co-Founder, Unspun, Jessica Cederberg Wodmar, Global Sustainability Director, GANT, Carman Lai, Project Manager for Making Zero Impact Fashionable, WWF Hongkong, Anders Ankarlid, CEO and Founder, A good company, Caroline Briggert, Social and Environmental Sustainability, HOP LUN, Harsha Vardhan, Global Environment Manager, H&M GROUP and Toby Crispy, Founder, Fashion Clinic.

The Swedish Institute exhibition Fashion Revolution is shown at The Mills 26 of May until 8 of June.

For questions please contact Kajsa Guterstam.