Fashion revolution – Quarantine edition: Tutorials for social media

Clothes affect all of us on this planet. Fashion and textile represent one of the most polluting industries. In order to meet the need for digital communications content, the Swedish Institute now present six short tutorials for social media.
Using simple methods and materials the lifetime of your garments can effectively be prolongued. Like for for example the photo shows someone pouring some liquid. The photo is used to illustrate a person doing a hack at home. Photo by:Chris Tonnesen/ Filippa K

Interested in extending the liftetime of your wardrobe favourites? The “activate your closet” films highlight different ways to prolong the life of garments with simple techniques and materials you find at home.  The positive side effect is behavioural changes needed to meet the great climate challenge we face. 80% of the climate impact of Swedish clothing consumption stems from the production phase. In other words, using your favourite pieces longer saves a lot of harmful effects.

The films can be used as inspiration on social media to attract attention to the Fashion Revolution toolkit, as a social media campaign on its own, or combined with (online-) workshops, for example styling, re-dyeing, remake or mending.

Please make sure that you only use the campaign texts provided by the Swedish Institute. The texts for the campaign are in English but can be translated to your local language.

Tutorials for social media:

Take care
Fashion manifesto
Mending – Sashiko

Support for communication in social media– texts for translation to your local language

For inquiries and further information please contact Kajsa Guterstam or Anna Maria Bernitz.