Festival: Créateurs en mouvement!

More than twenty artists from South Africa, Colombia, Kenya, Mexico, Rwanda, Zambia and Sweden have come together to work on a project entitled Sweden@ launched in 2013. For the 2019 edition, the project brings artists from these seven countries to Paris and gives them the opportunity to take over the Institut Suédois in Paris for one week.
2 people : one seems listening to music and the other puts her a bracelet

The “Créateurs en mouvement” work in a range of disciplines (design, fashion, photography, video, and music) and provide a forum for collaboration and dialogue for both the general public and people actively involved in creative and cultural industries in France.

Créateurs en mouvement – a week of events

The artists are the hosts, and you are their guests! The week-long programme features an immersive exhibition, an open artist-in-residence programme, talks and workshops.

The programme here below.

Photography exhibition: Insight
10.04.2019 – 11.04.2019
In the world of photography, Africa often falls prey to what the author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie referred to as “the danger of a single story: if we only here one story about another person or another country, we risk critical misunderstanding”. This exhibition attempts to address this issue by presenting the work of six very different visual storytellers from six equally different countries.
With Earl Abrahams (South Africa), Senay Berhe (Sweden), Sana Ginwalla (Zambia), Mutua Matheka (Kenya), Philippe Nyirimihigo (Rwanda) and Sarah Waiswa (Uganda/Kenya).
Curators: Philippe Nyirimihigo
Their work will be featured both in the garden of the Institut Suédois, as well as in the Café Suedois.
Admission free. Wednesday – Sunday / 12:00 – 18:00

Immersive experience: Sounds and Sights
10.04.2019 – 11.04.2019
The best way to expand your mind and your world is through travel and through connecting with people that have different experiences and perspectives. Through a combination of projection mapping and film, visitors are offered an immersive experience that takes them into the worlds of the creatives hosting the festival.
Curators: Joel Dittrich,digital artist (Sweden) and Illume Creative Studio (Rwanda).
Admission free. Wednesday – Sunday / 12:00 – 18:00

Fashion exhibition : Beyond expectations
10.04.2019 – 11.04.2019
The festival’s fashion exhibition is curated by Sunny Dolat, a creative director, production designer and photographer whose work with the platform The Nest Collective in Kenya examines the power of fashion to tell compelling stories, provoke dialogue, and shift narratives.
The exhibition will bring the visitors face-to-face with the unexpected. Occupying the grand stairwell of the Swedish Institute, it will change what you think you know about fashion from Africa.
With Ami Doshi Shah (Kenya), House of Tayo (Rwanda), IAMISIGO (Nigeria), Mafi Mafi (Ethiopie), Thebe Magugu (South Africa), Doreen Mashuka (Tanzanie), Anyango Mpinga (Kenya), Katungulu Mwendwa (Kenya), NKWO (Nigeria), Papa Oppong (Ghana).
Admission free. Wednesday – Sunday / 12:00 – 18:00

The Wearable installation : The Machina experience
10.04.2019 – 11.04.2019
The company Machina (Mexico) combines fashion and technology to create smart clothing that augments the capacities of the human body. Visitors enter a black box in the Institut Suédois garden and put on clothes whose integrated functionalities allow them to interact directly with a LED light installation.
Machina: Linda Franco and Antonio Rodriguez.
Admission free. Wednesday – Sunday / 12:00 – 18:00

The Studio des Créateurs
10.04.2019 – 11.04.2019
An interactive space styled as a working atelier, the studio provides an opportunity for visitors to engage with the diverse and dynamic group of creatives featured in the festival – with each day focusing on a different thematic area, ranging from creative platforms, new technologies to photography and fashion.
Curators: Les Créateurs en Mouvement
Design: Sunny Dolat
Admission free. Wednesday – Sunday / 14:00 – 18:00

The Studio des Créateurs hosts two round table discussions on the role of fashion in creating new identities and the power of collaborative platforms.

Creative talk #1: If You Build It, They Will Come
10.04.2019 / 19:00 – 21:00
Many of the creatives featured in “Les Créateurs en Mouvement” are change-makers who have developed platforms to create a viable ecosystem for creatives in their respective countries and regions. These creatives have: developed tech solutions that facilitate access to and for creatives, organized to create policies that facilitate the growth and sustainability of the creative industry, built online and offline platforms that shatter stereotypes through dynamic multi-media storytelling, and introduced spaces, events, and experiences that contribute to enriching the creative industry.With: Teddy Goitom and Senay Berhe, Afripedia (Sweden), Silumessi Maboshe, Bongohive (Zambia) Luis Burgos and Juan Diego Ortiz, La Ola Naranja (Colombia) andand Kristell Diallo, Centre des cultures d’Afrique (France). Moderator: Neo Maditla, Design Indaba  (South Africa)
Admission free.

Creative talk #2: Fashion’s Role in Creating New Identities
12.04.2019 / 19:00 – 21:00
This topic will feature conversations between creatives that explore the role of fashion in informing identity. From globalization of local fashion to the role fashion plays in shifting perceptions of a country or a people; from using fashion design to collectively re-imagine and/or define national identity to reclaiming local design to further self-determination, creatives from all over the world will shed light on the true impact of the fashion industry. With: Sunny Dolat, The Nest (Kenya), Linda Franco and Antonio Rodriguez, Machina (Mexique), Pablo  Londono Sarria, This is Sweden (Sweden) and Matthew “Tayo” Rugamba, House of Tayo (Rwanda). Moderator: Vanessa Rosales, author (Colombia).
Admission free.

Instameet Créateurs en mouvement
13.04.2019 / in the afternoon
Photographers taking part in the festival propose a walk through a district of Paris, allowing amateur and experienced photographers to meet and explore the city together. The location will be announced on Instagram/institutsuedois and Instagram/Createursenmouvement.
Admission free.

Family programme : Les Petits Créateurs
13.04.2019 + 14.04.2019 / 14:00 – 18:00
The weekend is for families! A quiz invites budding artists to explore the festival, and on Saturday afternoon, the “créateurs en mouvement” organise activities aimed at sparking the imagination and fostering the creativity of young people in the garden.
Admission free.

Fête Créateurs en mouvement
13.04.2019 / 20:00 – 01:45
To celebrate the last evening of the festival, the artists invite you to join them for a party at the Pavillon des Canaux. Beer and DJ Set by Mo Laudi and Ghost Nebula.
Admission free.

The detailed programme of the festival