As a follow up on Swedish Dads, Swedish Embassies and their partner organisations are invited to join the #globalguytalk. The concept is easy - gather a group of guys, in real life or digitally, and start talking about things guys don’t usually talk about, with the help of conversational guides. The ambition with #globalguytalk is to give those of us who are men the chance to contribute to a more equal society by starting with ourselves.
Five men sitting in a stair way construction having a discussion. #globalguytalk aims to bring med together and have discussions around topics they seldom speak about. Photo: Swedish Institute

Sweden has long actively worked with and pushed for issues related to gender equality and women’s rights, both nationally and globally. For the past five years, Sweden has also pursued a feminist foreign policy. This does not mean that Sweden is spared from gender equality challenges or destructive norms as regards masculinity.

In the wake of a public discussion about abuse in 2016, the organisation Make Equal launched an initiative in Sweden where men got together to talk about their feelings, friendship, relationships, sex, male roles, and about their responsibilities. The initiative became a big success with huge national media attention. But the concept also proved valuable far beyond Sweden’s borders.

With an exhibition, conversation guides, training for conversation leaders, introductory videos, press material and posts for social media, the Swedish Institute together with Make Equal have developed a complete package to initiate #globalguytalk internationally.

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For more information please contact Anders Öhrn or Michael Skoglund.