India, Maharashtra & Goa: Plastic Free Week


This activity is organised by Sweden Alumni Network India, Maharashtra Goa chapter and is open to all.

The objective of the challenge is to create awareness of segregation and the upcycling of plastic waste. We realize we live in a world where occasionally it requires us to introspect and think about the repercussions our actions can have on the world. To find out how much plastic waste we generate every day and the importance of quantifying it we bring you the following challenge.

An Opening Panel Discussion about a problems related to plastics with an inspirational
speaker as well as information about the concept of the Plastic Free Week( 5 speakers )
Focus to impact in reducing household waste generated significantly. Simple practices to replace the daily plastic consumption will be encouraged like using a Bamboo toothbrush, cloth bags, glass water
bottles, etc.

Plastic Free Week
1. Panel Discussion about the problems of Plastic, Types of Plastics and Experts Giving Insights on how plastic is Segregated , Upcycled and Recycled.
2. Segregation of Different plastics would be done, and then sent to various Upcycling companies.
3. Engaging the PMC societies, Corporates to take part in this week
4. The Society with proper segragation, Collection and Innovation will be awarded.
5. The session will be conclude with FIKA for all the guests.
6. Collaborating Partners : PmC, ReCharkha, Swaach, Adar Poonawala Foundation, Pune Bloggers Group

Venue: Aditya Centreega, MCCIA Convention Center or deccan Gymkhana
Registration: Online Link on PMC website