India, Maharashtra Goa: Plogging

This activity is organised by Sweden Alumni Network India in collaboration with Business Sweden, Pune Ploggers and many more and is open to students, fitness enthusiasts, citizens, Swedish companies employees.

1 st May Maharashtra Day Celebrations with Plogging in the City along with Government Officials, Sustainable Companies, Colleges and Institutes and other community players.

We wish to log a Guinness World record by trying to aim for more than 3000+ citizens to come together from different areas and meet near the Central Pune Municipal Corporation by the river.
Pune city will be divided into 4 zones, and Bloggers from each area start their 3 km pkogging to come and meet at the central area.

Collaborators : Business Sweden, Pune Bloggers, Marathon Groups, CII IGBC, 8 + Educational Institutions Corporates like RUR, Recharka, Rudra, NGO;s Like Swach, Adar Poonawala, etc

Venue: PMC, Baba Bhide bridge, Pune