Sweden Talks: Language as a Tool to Prevent Racism

Students sitting on chairs in a classroom.

Where you come from and where you live are often determining factors for what chances and opportunities you will enjoy in your life. Racism, prejudice and segregation are big obstacles for creating a democratic and inclusive society where everybody is treated equally. But how can we counteract racism and why is our language so important when working more inclusive societies? And is there a way we can talk about racism that changes the norms and traditions of who is being listened to and who is listening?

For this Sweden Talks we have invited Barakat Ghebrehawariat, expert on diversity and inclusion from a communication perspective. Together we will use Swedish society as a model to understand what tools there are to increase equality and everybody’s right to be heard. Join us by registering below!

Joshua Kissi

Barakat Ghebrehawariat, more known as Demokratiagenten (the Democracy Agent) is a lecturer, consultant and educator with a long experience of working with democracy, diversity and communication. Today, he runs the change agency Demokrateam and is a diversity expert on Swedish national television.