Liberia: Civic Education Symposium

Students sitting on chairs in a classroom.

This activtiy is organised by SI Alumni Network Liberia and is open to high school and university students. 

The Civic Education Symposium is an activity planned to provide information and learning experiences to
equip and empower high school and universities in Monrovia. The aim of this symposium is to enhance
the understanding of students on the workings of the political system, the demand for good governance,
and their own civic rights, roles, and responsibilities.

Panelists will share their knowledge and experience with participants on matters related to good governance, corruption, and individuals’ rights to freedom of expression and to vote and run for public office, and their responsibilities to respect the rule of law and the rights and interests of others. We have diversified the panelists to select career human rights lawyers and experienced civil society personnel. As planned, the activities of the event will be an interactive and educative discussion sessions where panelists will present on the topic “Reforming Democracy and Governance in Liberia: the roles and responsibilities of citizens”. Participants, mainly students will have the opportunity to ask questions related to democracy and governance and their participatory roles and responsibilities in democratic processes in Liberia.

We have divided the activities of the event into two sessions, morning session with high school students and afternoon session with university. The events targets 150 participants and will be held in the city of Monrovia at the event hall of the African Methodist Episcopal University.

Venue: YMCA Liberia, Crown Hill, Broad Street, Monrovia
Registration: alumni can register at the venue