Nepal: Gender Debates 2022 – Promoting Inclusive Societies

This activity is organised by the Sweden Alumni Network Nepal and is open to all. 

A major problem Nepal faces today is the lack of intellectual discussion based on proper research at leadership levels. This problem has often led to poor decisions making and realizing this, SANN has thus introduced a project/activity to shed a light on this issue. We believe our project will help address this issue by inculcating the art of debating among students who will grow to be intellectual decision-makers of the nation.

We aspire to conduct a three-day debate tournament (including training, competition and finals) to help the participants (SANN members and others) put their ideas into words and create a broader exchange of ideas and awareness. The tournament will try to bring around 50 participants who will be impacted directly via the event and competition. Each debate session will last for an hour and fifteen minutes with debaters fulfilling their assigned roles of framing, contextualizing, structuring arguments, refuting, analyzing, and summarizing. After a training and introduction session on the first day, there will be three qualifying rounds on the second day, and finally, the finals on the third day which will be even grander.

Considering this year’s focus of SI to promote solidarity and inclusive society, our theme of the event will be based on SDG16 and its various components including equality, rule of law, sustainability, human rights, political inclusivity, governance, and media. In addition, the tournament will mandate a minimum of 50% representation of minority groups of Nepal in the participants. With the local elections in Nepal around the corner, this debate is also ideally timed and can facilitate an atmosphere of healthy political discussion.

Venue: Yala Durbar