NFGL Gothenburg – Atium Project: Clean Water for the Masses

This event is organised by the SI Network for Future Global Leaders (NFGL) Local Network in Gothenburg.

The Atium project’s goal is to help create an environment free from toxic heavy metals. They are developing a new technology for detecting and selectively removing mercury and other heavy metals from water. The patent pending technology is based on Chalmers research.

It is one of the many projects and start ups that have come through the Chalmers Ventures Programs.

We shall have the opportunity to hear first hand about the project from Johan and Emma, who would talk about:

  1. Their inspiration behind the project.
  2. How they formulated the solution/idea.
  3. Challenges and obstacles they have faced, and how they were overcome.
  4. Advice/lessons to give others thinking about entrepreneurship & innovation.

This event is open for all.

Venue: Chalmers University of Technology

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Abubakar Khatry

NFGL Gothenburg

Madeleine Mattsson

Programme Manager