NFGL Local network event: “Keep cool” Eco Game

Join SI NFGL Local Network UU Gotland for an eco game on the international climate change negotiations!
Sunrays in a pine forest

The “Keep Cool!” board game was created in the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research in 2004. Here players represent six world country regions, facing the necessity to balance their own economic interests and the world’s climate in a negotiation. Further information on the game:

Why should you play?

  • You will put yourself in a role of a country leader and will advance your negotiation skills
  • You will learn more about climate change consequences and costs for the economy
  • Learn more about why the international climate change negotiation process appeared to be so ineffective last year in Madrid: How is it organized? We will talk about COP25 and watch some pictures brought from the conference.

Read more and register for the event here

Special thanks to:
Alexandra Khalaim ( for providing us with the game and being our game facilitator and also to SI NFGL Local Network UU Gotland for co-organizing the event and funding fika for the night.

Oleksandra Khalaim, SI NFGL Local Network UU Gotland