NFGL Local network event: Study visit to AstraZeneca

Welcome to a study educational and innovative visit to one the Swedish and the World's biggest Pharmaceutical Companies -AstraZeneca, Gothenburg

Our expectations and objectives are to understand;
1. AstraZeneca as one of the world’s biggest Pharmaceutical Innovator Companies. (Company History and Present)
2. How the company runs its RD department ?.
3. How the company has managed to remain relevant and innovative to needs of the worlds population e.g in Cancer Treatment.
4. How AstraZeneca is contributing towards the attainment of the United Nation Sustainable Development Goals.
5. Employment opportunities across the global at AstraZeneca.
6. Challenges and successes of the company of the company of the years over the years.

Schedule for the Event -22nd February 2019
Time Activity Responsible Person Location
06:10_09:30 Travelling to Gothenburg Andrew
10.30 -11.30 The Amazing Journey site tour Michaela Morlock + Josefine Lundsten Meet at reception
12.00-13.00 Lunch Michaela Morlock + Josefine Lundsten+ students (15) Cafeteria (table is already reserved)
13.00-14.00 Lab4Life Inga Zurabiani + lab manager Pick up at cafeteria entrance
14.00-15.00 Q&A Matti Ahlqvist Coffee lab
15.00-15.30 Farewell, check-out and get bus home Matti + students Back to reception
15:30 Networking with SI scholars Andrew
20:00:23:30 Travel Back to Stockholm City Andrew

Contact person: Andrew Bambala
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