NFGL Local Network Event: Study Visit to IKEA

Study Visit to IKEA Museum for 25 scholarship holders.

All experience programs at IKEA Museum are creative, hands-on, activities where we challenge ourselves and the group to find the best solution to the given task. The entire museum is our arena as we use the exhibitions and creative meeting spaces for the different moments of the experience. The programs are facilitated by IKEA Museum’s Visitor Experience Team facilitators.

Suggested agenda

  • 8.00 meetup at Lund C
  • 10:30 A short presentation by a coworker involved in the innovation processes and product development
  • 11:00 Visit the “Democratic Design Center”
  • 12:00 Lunch at the IKEA Restaurant
  • 13:00 Visit the IKEA Museum

Who can attend? 
SI scholarship holders

Event organiser

For more information, see the event’s facebook page. 

Jean Pierre Linhares