NFGL Local network event: Study visit to Swish

SI NFGL Stockholm University invites SI scholarship holders to a study visit to Swish - market leader for mobile payment apps.
Staying connected

Swish is a mobile payment app in Sweden. This app is used by approximately 7 million users in Sweden, which makes them the market leader for mobile payment apps. This success story started from an idea that was then executed by a collaboration of six of the largest banks in Sweden. The idea of Swish is to simplify everyday life and is also contributing to accelerating the cashless society and to reduce crimes that mostly occur in cash transactions.

Therefore, we invite you to join this event to get inspired by the number one app for mobile payments in Sweden and learn how to expand ideas by collaborating with multiple stakeholders. The event has limited seats available, so we encourage you to register immediately.

Read more about the event here.

Novita Supardi, SI NFGL Stockholm University