NFGL Local Network event: Study Visit to the Museum of Failure

SI NFGL in Jönköping is ready to kick this year’s agenda off with an exciting visit to the Museum of Failures in Helsingborg

The concept of the museum is based on an exhibition of products and services that, for one reason or another were regarded as failures, yet are a proof of humans’ curiosity development. It will be an excellent chance for all of us to get together, have fun, and get inspired.
The SI NFGL network will cover transportation costs in Jönköping and a mid-day snack would be provided.
We will take off from Jönköping Resecentrum in early morning and get back to the same spot on the same day at night.

The road map of the visit will include:
Departure from Jonkoping at about 8:00am
Arrival in Helsinborg at 10:30am
Welcome gathering at the Museum at 11:00am
Lunch at 13:00pm
Workshop/Tour in the museum by Museum staff – to be confirmed
Departure from Helsinborg at 17:30pm
Full programme details shall be provided later upon registration confirmation.

We expect to have at least 15 people from our network (including Alumni).
Our network is open and really willing to have other networks join. The expenses will be of course shared with the networks.

Registration: Here
Mohamed Abdelgawad