The two day trips will be similar, the difference being the UN agency that will present to us during the visit to the UN City. Namely, on Thursday May 2nd we will have a presentation by UNFPA, whereas on Thursday May 16th we will have a presentation by UNDP.

The current program for this day is as follows (small changes may happen):

8.00-8.15 – Participants arrive to Lund C, we buy the tickets as a group. Leaving to Copenhagen.
9.15 – Meeting the participants coming from other cities at the Copenhagen central station in front of Starbucks.
9.15-10.45 – Hangout in the Copenhagen centre. Bring some breakfast! The board will also bring some cookies and juice.
11.00-13.00 Attending the best free walking tour in Copenhagen! (tips are welcome!)
13.30 – Be at the UN City for the security check
14.00 – Presentation by United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA/UNDP)
15.00 – Hangout time around Nyhavn & Paper Island (PapirØen)
16.00 – Departure from CPH back to Lund C

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