NFGL Local Network Event: Webinar

Webinar in Lund “Corruption in Moldova - The Theft of the Century"

Moldova ranks 117 out of 180 countries in the Transparency International Corruption Perceptions Index. Corruption is pervasive both at the level of everyday life – with 42% of citizens who reported having to pay a bribe to access a basic service, and at the very high level – with no less than $1 billion being stolen from the national budget in an intricate financial crime.

The event will start with a background information on Moldova and a short documentary on how corruption affects the livelihoods of Moldovans, leading up to the webinar with Dumitru Alaiba. The speaker is an economist with five years of experience in international consultancy (Finland, Romania, Latvia and Austria). He coordinated projects in the Balkan and CIS countries in the fields of economics, finance and business climate. After an international career, he returned home. He has seven years of experience with the Moldovan Government, and since January 2017 he co-founded and became the programme director of CPR (the Center for Policies and Reforms), a think-tank and investigation center. The webinar will start at 17:30 and be followed by a Q&A session.

As usual, the event will end with a networking opportunity for participants over a nice fika.

Who can attend?: Anyone intereted
Event organisar: SI NFGL Lund
Contact person: Camelia Vasilov
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