NFGL Lund – Study tour at Filbornaverket

This event is organised by the SI Network for Future Global Leaders (NFGL) Local Network in Lund

Filbornaverket was recently constructed in Helsingborg and is one of the largest city’s investments. It is featured as a state of the art CHP plant.

During many years, coal and petroleum were the main fuel used to produce energy in power plants. In the past years, Sweden has been strongly investing not only in centralized facilities, but also in the discovery of sustainable fuels for them.
Waste-to-energy plants combine two of the most ground-breaking technologies, which are the cogeneration and the combustion of biofuels. These Combined Heat Power (CHP) plants produce hot water for space heating and electricity at the same time, therefore utilizing the wasted heat that would otherwise be thrown away.

Study tour will consist of a guided tour and a lecture given by Göran Skoglund. The visit will end approximately at 12:00. The cost of travel from Lund to Helsingborg will be covered for those who do not have a Jojo card, as long as participants hold a student ID.

We will all meet at 8:30 in front of Lund C (Skånetrafiken office). More details will follow on the coming days. Due to the limited spots, please check your calendar before registering for this event as we wish to ensure that no place is wasted by late cancellations.

In order to attend this event, register using the following link.

Confirmation will be sent on a first come first serve basis. This event is open for all students.


SI Network for Future Global Leaders

All current Swedish Institute scholarship holders are included in the SI Network for Future Global Leaders (NFGL) – a network that aims to build a long lasting relationship between Sweden and our scholarship holders.

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Thiago Ferreira

NFGL Lund Network

Madeleine Mattsson

Programme Manager