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This event is organised by the SI Network for Future Global Leaders (NFGL) Local Network in Umeå and Jönköping.

We are glad to let you know that, Swedish Institute Network for Future Global Leaders (NFGL) Umeå and Jönköping are jointly organizing a Study Trip to United Nations City, Copenhagen on May 04, 2018.

This trip will cover a guided tour of the UN City reflecting on the architecture and the sustainable features of the institution. We will also have a lecture from the UN City officials on UN sustainable goals. This trip is exclusively offered for SI NFGL Members. The project is being carried out with financial support from the Swedish Institute.

Event details

Place: UN City, Copenhagen
Date: May 02, 2018
Time : 14:00 – UN City Tour
15:00 – Seminar on Sustainable Development Goals
19:00 – Dinner and Mingle

Participant capacity: 30


Due to budget constraint, SINFGL Local Network Umeå will reimburse a partial expense of 1200 SEK (Per person) for 12 participants. Members of NFGL Umeå will be prioritized and selected on a first come, first serve basis. The selected participants will need to pay 250 SEK as the reservation fees which will be added to the reimbursement later.

For joining this trip, please fill in this application

You will be provided with travel assistance for this trip.

You need to carry a valid passport and your residence permit while crossing the Swedish border. Also, you would be asked to show your passport at the UN City as identity.

Email us for any query:,

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Nora Arifi

Madeleine Mattsson

Programme Manager