NFGL Umeå – Let’s Get Better Together: LGBT rights from Societal and Healthcare perspective

This event is organised by the SI Network for Future Global Leaders (NFGL) Local Network in Umeå.

Let’s Get Better Together

Have you ever…

  • Wondered what LGBT is?
  • Dilemma in LGBT’s rights? Is it societal, political or communal?
  • Are they treated well in Healthcare System in Sweden ?
  • How was Sweden’s Jouney for LGBT rights?
  • Asked yourself how to support for this community?

Our event “LGBT – Let’s Get Better Together” will be the key to your questions

Talking about rights of LGBT Community (Lesbian – Gay – Bisexual – Transgender) from societal and healthcare lense, the event will be organized under interactive seminars and panel discussion from guest speakers and representatives from different LGBT organizations.

Sounds cool?

Register before 24 February, 2018. The event is open for all students.

More info will be updated soon on our fanpage NFGL Local Network Umeå!

SI Network for Future Global Leaders

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Moyukh Chowdhury

NFGL Local Network Umeå

Madeleine Mattsson

Programme Manager