Online Contest – Ideas for Tomorrow

The NFGL Gothenburg would like to invite all NFGL members to join the Online Contest - Ideas for Tomorrow!

Anyone who has a project or an innovative idea related to the SDGs are welcome to record a short video and send it to us! This is a great opportunity to show your idea/project to all NFGL community.

– provide the opportunity to all members to express their ideas/projects;
– inspire and incentivize the culture of innovation to tackle global challenges;
– try to support projects in order to convert ideas into actions;
– involve the members in competition and in a voting process.

Send your video’s YouTube link for the email, with the subject “Online Contest”;
deadline: 31 January 2021

Selection criteria:
– Creativity/Originality (20 points): the video must be the students’ own work, in the student’s own words, and may include personal experiences and thoughtful observations. Videos must reflect that the student has carefully examined and thought about the topic.
– Practicality and its feasibility (20 points).
– Content (40 points): does the contestant apply/address the theme of “UN Agenda 2030”? Is the video relevant? How clear and compelling is the expression of the message in the video? Is the video presented in a logical sequence?
– Technical Organization (20 points): how well is the video produced in regards to video quality, sound quality, editing and adherence to the time limit of 3 minutes.

The NFGL Gothenburg – Innovation Board will select the 5 finalists, and the public will vote for the 3 winners!

500SEK, 300SEK, and 200SEK, for the best three ideas, respectively.

Contact person: Jheniffer Sodre