Student generated content and digital ambassador workshop

The Study in Sweden team at the Swedish Institute invites staff from Swedish universities for a full-day workshop focused on working with student generated content and digital ambassadors.
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Date: Monday 9 September
Time: 9.30-16.30 (preliminary)
Location: Stockholm

Who is the workshop for?
This workshop is for university staff who want to learn more about working with digital ambassadors or student generated content. It’s a requirement for all participants to either currently work with student generated and digital ambassadors or to plan to do so in the near future.

What is student generated content?
Student generated content is content that is developed by your students. There aren’t really any limits on the content students create but often includes content such as student blogs, social media, films and livestreams.

What are digital ambassadors?
It’s a term referring to these student content creators. Programmes may not just include content creation but can also include other roles such as interacting with prospective students and taking part in events or webinars.

What is the goal of the workshop?
Our goal with the workshop is for participants to gain insight in how to better work with digital ambassadors/student generated content to promote their institution or faculty/department.

How will the workshop be structured?
The workshop will be interactive,  ~6 hours long, led by the Swedish Institute and the course will feature a mix of lecturing, time for group discussions, discussing common problems and sharing good practices.

Is there a fee?
We charge SEK 500 per participant to cover mainly cost of the venue and lunch.

How do I register?
Registration has closed.