Sweden Talks: A Glimpse of the Nobel Prize

In this very first Sweden Talk, we meet Education Director Annika Hedås Falk and Project Manager Olof Somell from the Nobel Prize Museum. They will introduce you to the history of the Nobel Prize as well as this year’s Nobel Laureates. You will also find out how to join the outreach programmes of the Nobel Prize, which can be followed from anywhere in the world.

Sweden Talks is an online forum where alumni meet each other and expert speakers from Sweden to have conversations on current and important topics. Sweden Talks are open for all Sweden alumni – this is an offer for you who have studied in Sweden or participated in any of the Swedish Institute Leadership Programmes.


Olof Somell is a project manager at the Nobel Prize Museum and has worked within the Nobel organizations since 2006. His background is in science and history of science and technology and he has lectured extensively on the Nobel Prize and the Nobel Laureates both in Sweden and across the world



Annika Hedås Falk leads the educational activities for the Nobel Prize with programmes for the museum visitors and schools but also online lesson materials and an international network for teachers. Annika is originally trained as a teacher of music and literature and she worked in different schools as a teacher, then as a principal and later as a school development strategist for the 200 public schools in Stockholm.


When: 3 Dec 14:00-15:00 (CET)
Where: Online via Zoom – link will be sent after registration
Contact: alumni@si.se