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Online Seminar. What makes the Swedish innovation ecosystem special? How do you foster impactful innovation? What issues are currently tackled by innovation? Meet KTH Innovation - the team behind 400 Swedish start-ups.

Sweden is considered one of the most technologically innovative countries in the world and Stockholm is consistently ranked as one of world’s most entrepreneurial, innovative and attractive cities.

KTH Royal Institute of Technology is the engine in the Stockholm innovation ecosystem, where people from all over the world gather to create solutions to tackle global challenges. At KTH Innovation more than 400 new ideas get support and are put through their paces to get the best possible conditions to create real and lasting impact in society.

Photo: Siimon Vaske

Siimon Vaske is an innovation and investment professional with 25+ years of experience in start-ups, scale-ups, and early stage investments. He holds a Master of Science degree in engineering and has since then held roles as CEO, Chairman of the Board and investment manager in various companies prior to joining the KTH innovation ecosystem.

Siimon has supported the creation of over 50 start-ups as a coach, board member, and investor. He has evaluated and assessed over 300 start-ups for external financiers and government funding programs and coached over 400 early-stage technology inventors in business development and commercialisation. Siimon has worked with a broad spectrum of companies in many areas such as in energy, cleantech, mechanics, electronics and chemistry.


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