Exhibitions, workshops, labs and other public activities will take place mainly in Istanbul and Izmir in the  autumn. The project also aims to discuss the possibilities for digitization in urban development. The events build on interaction by both Turkish and Swedish partners focusing on local content. Co-operation, mentorship and networking, creativity, diversity and usage of knowledge from different disciplines are valid tools to develop successful solutions.
Creative urban spaces are vital for growth, innovation and inclusion. Culture and creativity is an and important economic sector in terms of job creation and export earnings but it also contributes to welfare and well-being, sustainability, new entrepreneurship models and social cohesion
In the smart city, innovations, digitalization, environmental and climate technologies create opportunities for meeting society’s challenges in an efficient and sustainable way. The cities should provide a good environment in which people can live without wasting earth’s resources
Open societies require democratic architecture. Democratic architecture can be interpreted as constructed environments that directly support a democratic system, issues of accessibility and equality, social and ecological sustainability, and diversity and culture as part of public space.