Vietnam: Clothes & Book Swap

Crime fiction

This activity is organised by Sweden Alumni Network Vietnam and is open to all. 

Do you like to tidy-up your closet in a environmental-friendly way?

In Sweden, clothes swaping day has been arranged annualy by the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation since 2010. We think it’s such a great idea we want to help spread it around the world.

The garments that your are tired of or that no longer fit will make new and fund clothing for someone else. The life of the clothes will be extended and together we contribute to a better environment. Similarly, the books you have finished reading could become a source of inspiration for other new readers by swaping. Let’s do swapping and sharing positive energy!

Tentative Agenda
– Introduce about clothes swap – a good practice from Sweden
– Clothes & Book swap
– Fika & Networking

Venue: To be announced
Registration: Facebook event