Woodlife Sweden at Archtober | Waste is not waste until you waste it. Circular design and upcycling – Meet the designer.

Waste is very rarely waste. It is often an unused resource. This is something furniture design and manufacture company Stolab took to heart, working with designer Marie-Louise Hellgren, a pioneer in the upcycling movement in Sweden, to develop a new chair from recyclables.
Small stool made through sustainable production

On the initiative of the designer, they decided to make use of the offcuts from one of their other products in a new design and the stool “Lilla Snåland” was born.

The newly started company Fabric Forest, who make textiles with wood as its core material, works with Marie-Louise Hellgren developing the same principles – where circular design and early involvement of creative design thinking helps develop products and material, in line with the idea of sustainable use of products as well as resources.

The seminar invites you to join in on a conversation on Circular design, Upcycling and the design methods used to develop the concepts around “waste is not waste until you waste it” – a model stated by Marie-Louise Hellgren as a base-line for all her work and collaborations.

Presentation by Marie-Louise Hellgren, Designer, Heartearth Lab

in conversation with

Martin Johansson, CEO STOLAB

Tor Ahlbom, founder, Fabric Forest

Moderator: Mark Isitt, journalist and architecture critic

Link to the seminar: https://svenskainstitutet.zoom.us/j/87917706381

Woodlife Sweden at Archtober is presented by the Swedish Design Movement and arranged by the Swedish Institute, Architects Sweden, and the Consulate General of Sweden in New York in collaboration with Swedish Wood, Swedish Forest Industries, Arvet and White