Fashion Revolution – Visitors´ programme to Sweden

SI arranges tailormade visits for international specialists where the purpose of the visit is to establish contacts with the Swedish industry and to stimulate new research collaborations and exchanges with Sweden.

Clothes affect all of us on this planet. We are all, to some extent, consumers regardless of the climate we live in and whether we follow the latest fashion, wear hand-me-downs, shop at large chains or buy tailor-made. At the same time, fashion and textile represents one of the most polluting industries. Swedish businesses and research centres are among the main drivers for a more sustainable system.

During 11-13 April, delegates from Angola, Colombia, Egypt, Germany and the United States visit Sweden to study how Sweden works with circular economics focusing on the fashion and textile industry. The programme is in line with the Swedish government cooperation programs on bio-based and circular economy.

Part of the visit takes place in the city of Borås, in the south of Sweden, where participants will visit the University of Borås, Smart Textiles, Fashion Incubator and the Textile Museum. In Stockholm the delegates will  be met with presentations from Mistra future fashion, Re: newcell and workshops focusing on slow fashion vs. firm fashion and how sustainable fashion becomes profitable.

Ziba Zareie, Project manager, Swedish Institute