The expert visitors’ programme is part of Sweden’s Export Strategy and takes place in Stockholm 27-29 November. The participants will take part in discussions about Sweden’s challenges in these areas, but also learn more about Swedish innovations. They will also visit Smart City Sweden in Stockholm and the IEA World Energy Outlook 2017.

In particular, the participants will discuss shared challenges in energy and mobility, as well as mutual innovative solutions for collaborations and cities of the future. The aim of the visit is for participants to contribute to UN-Habitat’s forthcoming preliminary study to review how A Challenge from Sweden can be applied internationally.

SI’s expert visitors’ programme is carried out in collaboration with Swedish Incubators & Science parks, the Swedish Energy Agency, UN Habitat, Swedish Smart Grid and Business Sweden.

The Swedish Institute’s visitors’ programme – a part of Sweden’s Export Strategy

SI’s expert visitors’ programme is part of the Swedish government’s Export Strategy and aims to enhance the participation of Swedish businesses in the global economy. This is achieved through enhanced dialogues, increased knowledge exchange and more long-term mutual relations between foreign decision makers and Swedish authorities and industry.

For 2018, visits regarding circular and biobased economy, smart cities, next generation travel and transportation, life science, connected industry and new materials are planned.