SI Alumni Capacity Boost

Are you a group of SI or Sweden alumni looking to strengthen the capacity or skills within a certain area? Plan your local capacity boost initiative with support from SI.


The Swedish Institute is pleased to announce the possibility for groups of SI and Sweden alumni to apply for financial support to attend or arrange workshops, trainings, courses, seminars or conferences of your choice.

The purpose is strengthening the capacity, knowledge and skill set of SI and Sweden alumni. Priority will be given to groups of alumni from certified SI and Sweden alumni networks – but other groups of alumni are welcome to apply.  

How it works

As a group of alumni, you identify a thematic area or subject that you want to strengthen your capacity in or know more about. An open call process should take place within the alumni network to identify needs and participants. 

An organising team of a 3-5 alumni is in charge of the application to SI. Next, you find a supplier that matches the identified needs of the alumni group. And decide if you would like to attend an already existing initiative or arrange your own. It could be for example a workshop, a training course, a seminar, a conference, or a workshop leader, a trainer, a guest lecturer or study visit to companies or organisations of your choice. It could be done physically or online. The group of alumni attending should not be less than 10 alumni.

Capacity building initiatives adhering to the following thematic areas will have priority:

  • Green technology and/or Energy efficiency
  • Professional development/or Leadership
  • Human Rights & Democracy/Good Governance 
  • Innovation and/or Entrepreneurship
  • Sustainable development (sustainability)
  • Civil Society

Guidelines in brief: 

  • Support to attend or arrange a capacity building initiative for an alumni group
  • Application period: 22 April – 15 May 2024
  • Grant of a maximum of SEK 25,000 can be applied for 
  • Minimum of 10 SI or Sweden alumni to take part – the more the better!  
  • Workshops or training supported within this call must take place between June and October 2024


What can be included in the application  

  • Fees for alumni to attend a physical or online training, seminar, course, conference, workshop, a study visit or similar carried out by a local or international supplier.  
  • Payment (honorarium/fee) and travel (not accommodation) for a workshop host (within country), trainer, guest speaker etc. NOTE! All suppliers must be able to electronically invoice SI in accordance with the information stated under requirements. No other forms of payments to the supplier can be arranged.  
  • Renting of venue and catering (fika or lunch) to carry out the workshop/training/seminar etc. NOTE! Venue suppliers must be bookable via the FCM travel agency which SI has an agreement with. When you have a venue contact to see if your venue is bookable by FCM. If a venue can be rented/borrowed from the Swedish Embassy that is the preferred option.  
  • Swedish/international suppliers (workshop hosts, trainers, guest speakers, training institutions etc.) are also eligible for online events. SI will not pay for international airfare tickets for a Swedish supplier or for alumni to attend physical courses in Sweden. 

What cannot be included  

  • For administrative reasons travels and accommodation for alumni to attend initiatives cannot be included in the application. 

Requirements of the supplier 

  • Your identified supplier must be part of a registered company and be able to e-invoice SI through Visma Proceedo. Not other forms of payments are possible. The applicant guarantees that the supplier is able to invoice SI via the system.
  • Read about what is required here: Sending electronic invoices to the Swedish Institute – Svenska institutet ( and here: link to manual.
  • The suppliers of granted applicants will receive an inviation to register to use the system.  
  • Your identified supplier cannot be an alumni or be a company/organisation started or owned by an alumni 
  • SI cannot make individual payments to personal bank accounts, only through the e-invoice. Applicants are responsible to make sure that the supplier can invoice SI according to the above, otherwise the supplier cannot be paid. 
  • One invoice must be sent covering all of the alumni in the group, not individual payments per alumni. 
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Selection of successful applications 

This is an open call process and SI will not be able to grant all. Therefore, do not make any final/binding bookings until your application have been granted by SI. 

SI will make the selection based on the thematic focus, region, feasibility, relevance, supplier as well as your process, motivation and description in the application form.  

If you have any questions, please contact us at 

How to apply?

Complete the application form 

Deadline to apply 15 May 2024 2 pm CEST (UTC+2)

It is important that you read through the above instructions before filling in the application form. SI will disregard of incomplete applications.