“I am excited the organisers stay in touch and don’t leave us after the programme”

Hanadi Hammouz talks about how the Swedish Institute’s leadership programme She Entrepreneurs helped her take her business to the next level. Besides learning the basics of business, the programme also opened up a new world with many different cultures.
A woman in a grey coat, pink hijab, smiling standing outside in front a a tree.

-This was the first time I travelled on my own. I had to spend a lot of time convincing my family that it was safe and well worth it. I was right. Actually, it was one of the best experiences of my life.

When Hanadi started as a participant of the 2018 She Entrepreneurs programme, she was already a co-founder of an education centre called Let’s Code in her native Palestine. The business helped her realise a number of her dreams – running her own business while teaching, programming and coding.

-When I started as a participant of She Entrepreneurs, I knew programming, and I knew teaching, but I did not know the business side of things. She Entrepreneurs taught me how to make a business plan, how to develop my business, and how to start my own projects. These things have been extremely useful and important to me. After the programme I started using questionnaires and doing research to find out how to best develop the business. How to set a clear vision and mission.

Let’s Code Centre is a private business and the first centre in Palestine that teaches logical thinking and problem-solving skills through different programming languages. More than 600 students have graduated during these last four years.

-I believe that each student in Palestine should have the ability to learn computer science at an early age. Since it is not part of the curriculum of public schools, I co-founded Let’s Code. But, because of Covid-19, we have postponed the classes and I am teaching at another school in the meantime. Hopefully we can start new courses next year.

In addition to the business tools she learned during her attendance in She Entrepreneurs, Hanadi also uses some of the activities, such as ice-breaking tools, from the programme in her classroom.

-And of course, I learned a lot about different countries and cultures, and I was able to educate people about Palestine. I became close friends with people from different countries and I still talk to most participants weekly. I was even invited to someone’s wedding. So, maybe I stay in touch mostly for friendship, but sometimes I use it for my business.

After the programme completed, Hanadi was also invited by SI and She Entrepreneurs to a conference about coding in Egypt.

-I am very glad they stay in touch with us and don’t leave us after the programme. This is a very nice part of the programme. Also, that it’s a very well organised programme. Everything is very clear, and everything is on time. It’s a very good thing about the Swedish people, respecting each other’s time. I like it.

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