“If you want to make a change for your people, build yourself with the Swedish Institute.”

Moyukh Chowdhury is one of our alumni from Bangladesh. Moyukh finished a master’s programme in Public Health at Umeå University in 2018. Here he tells us about his experience.
Previous SI scholarship holder Moyukh Chowdhury is giving speech at the SI Diploma Ceremony 2018 at the Stockholm City Hall.

I am currently working as a clinical research consultant at Scientific Solution Scandinavia in Stockholm. Besides my work in Sweden, I am also engaged as Public Health Programme Evaluator at a Community Development Society in Bangladesh.

Before coming to Sweden, I was working at the Department of Surgery at Sylhet Women’s Medical College Hospital in Bangladesh.

From the very beginning of my career, I wanted to work in the field of research but unfortunately, the opportunity of clinical research is quite a scarce in Bangladesh. Therefore I wanted to pursue a master’s degree to develop my analytical skills. The opportunity to do master’s studies in Sweden came into my life as a game changer! Why Sweden? Well, what country would be a better destination, since Sweden has one of the highest metrics in most parameters of public health. Moreover, the department of Public Health at Umeå University was ranked highest amongst all European institutes in the field. So, it was quite a rational choice and I really feel quite proud of my decision.

The Swedish Institute (SI) scholarship did not only give me the opportunity to pursue world class education from a highly reputed university but also to build networks in the professional field in addition to global stakeholders like WHO, UN, UNDP etc. SI even arranges a wide variety of events on leadership, innovation and sustainability to open up a broader view on the possibilities of today.

The scholarship opportunity also helped me excel my organizational skills and address my social responsibilities. Beside studies, I served as the Chairperson at the SI Network for Future Global Leaders’ (SINFGL) Local Network in Umeå as well as the Advisory Board Coordinator at Swedish Network for International Health (SNIH). My belief is that scientific research or business development is never complete until it contributes to society and to mankind. SINFGL is a platform for scholars to address global issues from their own perspectives. With the generous scholarship of SI, I could build myself qualified enough to be a part of the Nordic life science industry today, from where I can contribute to cutting edge solutions to people’s health and wellbeing.

If you want to make a change for your people, build yourself with the Swedish Institute!

Currently I am working on developing an organisation dedicated to mental health and geriatric care in low resource settings. My dream is to expand the cutting-edge medical care and technologies to improve the quality of lives in lower and middle income countries. In the future, I want to see a geographical expansion and qualitative development of the organization. I have a wild dream to be on the Nobel banquet someday, as a winner, bringing smiles to millions!

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