Sweden popular as study destination despite the pandemic

Despite the current Covid-19 pandemic and the following difficulties to travel and move internationally, many Swedish institutions are reporting an increase in the number of international degree students compared to last year.

International students are not only critical in terms of helping the Swedish economy recover from the coronacrisis, they are also an important source of skilled labor for Swedish companies and they provide an important international dimension to classrooms at Swedish universities. International students additional contribute roughly SEK 3.9 billion to the Swedish economy on an annual basis when factoring in living expenses and the average level of tuition fees in Sweden, according to an estimate by the Swedish Institute.

– Given all the hurdles related both to international mobility caused by the current pandemic and to the delayed residence permits process, it’s remarkable to see such positive numbers, says Douglas Washburn, Marketing Manager for Study in Sweden at the Swedish Institute.

The interest for studying in Sweden is global, with students coming from over 117 countries, with the biggest representation of students from Finland, India and China. When asked why they chose to study in Sweden, a majority of the over 10 000 international students surveyed by the Swedish Institute, pointed out the country’s lifestyle and the open, progressive values. The focus on equal rights, LGBTQ-rights and sustainability are as important as excellent education at an affordable cost. Over the last few years, Sweden as a study destination has become more and more appealing to young people all over the world, being a safe and modern country with a unique work-life balance, as unique as the lack of hierarchy and sense of equality, which is often reflected in classrooms.

– Sweden is known for its genuine equality, irrespective of class, gender, country and even sexual preferences! When I looked for studies abroad, I researched about the growth of IT and saw that the informatics sector is doing so well here. Apart from having the most cutting-edge innovations professionally, I knew that prioritizing citizens’ rights is a core value in Sweden. I heard from friends that importance is given to people’s time and hobbies, the quality of life, and work-life balance in Sweden, says Samhita from India, studying Business Intelligence vid Dalarna University.

Sweden offers over 1 000 English taught programmes in English. Some of the most popular subjects are Engineering and IT, Life Sciences and Business. Sweden also has a strong reputation in Design and areas such as International Relations and Human Rights.

More info on Study in Sweden:
Studyinsweden.se is a comprehensive, official resource on higher education in Sweden for prospective and current international students, built and maintained by the Swedish Institute, a public agency tasked with promoting Sweden abroad.