Inspiration Day for future alumni

On Friday 20 May, 60 invited future scholarship alumni from 35 countries gather for this year's Inspiration Day, a day for inspiration on how they can contribute by being active in local alumni networks.

This year, SI has certified a record number of alumni networks, 49 networks from 38 countries which bring together hundreds of international talents who have studied in Sweden or completed a leadership program through SI. Including members who do not work actively in a local alumni group, more than 16,000 people are included in SI’s alumni network.

The ambition with the inspirational day is to show the work that the networks do and what results it gives and also show the benefits of the relations within the national groups as well as with networks around the world. The goal is that many of the ‘new’ prospective alumni will want to be a part of these when they return home.

Among the participants are also alumni from countries and regions where there is currently no certified network, and the hope is that they will be inspired to start up a local alumni network.

In the afternoon, the participants will take part in three different workshops, which will be led by board members in the alumni networks from Maharashtra and Goa chapter in Sweden Alumni Network India, Serbia and the Western Balkans and Albania.