“I’ve built a really strong network of international contacts because I studied with professionals”

Yana Tovpeko, previous scholarship holder from Ukraine. Completed her master’s degree in Public Health Studies at the University of Gothenburg in June 2021 . This is her story:
Yana from Ukraine standing by Kungsbackaån, Halland, Sweden,November, 2021.

What made you apply for the SI Scholarship and your master program in Sweden?

In Ukraine I was working with human rights for several years and I was always thinking that I wanted to expand my international network of contacts. I wanted to broaden my knowledge more and also start looking at things from a wider perspective. Finally I found the faculty and different universities, and also the SI scholarship that would cover both tuition fees and living expenses. I was very happy when I got the news that I was admitted to the university and later that I was granted the scholarship. However, I couldn’t even imagine that it would turn out to be such a life changing experience for me.

What impact has the SI scholarship had so far in your career and for your personal development?

During my studies I managed to get an internship at a public health organization, Sogh in Sweden. After I graduated, I found my dream job in a human rights organization. Therefore I am very happy and thankful that I got the SI scholarship from the Swedish Institute. It definitely helped me to grow as a person and also professionally. I improved almost all my work-related skills and started to learn the Swedish language. I’ve built a really strong network of international contacts because I studied with professionals. I studied with doctors, lawyers, managers, political analysts from all around the world.

Do you have any tips for future applicants?

I really recommend you to check the Swedish Institute scholarship website, to check the requirements and definitely apply for the scholarship. You will never regret it. So don’t hesitate and apply!