Launch of a new programme for cooperation between Sweden and Ukraine

In 2024, the Swedish Institute is introducing a new funding programme, aimed at Swedish actors and their partners in Ukraine. The new programme is being implemented within the framework of Sweden's development and reform cooperation strategy with Ukraine 2023–2027.

In solidarity with Ukraine 

The Swedish government has decided on a strategy for Sweden’s development and reform cooperation with Ukraine for the years 2023–2027. The strategy aims to contribute to the development and reform efforts in Ukraine in a way that makes the country more free, secure, green, democratic, resilient, and economically prosperous. Development and reform are two mutually reinforcing components that together form the focus of the strategy, contributing to the overarching goal of EU integration. For more information on the strategy.

SI participates in the implementation of the strategy

 The Swedish Institute is preparing a new programme for project funding to finance cooperation projects between Swedish legal entities and Ukrainian businesses, organisations, public authorities, educational institutions, and cultural actors. The new programme aims to contribute to strengthened capacity and skills development in Ukraine, primarily in the areas of inclusive economic development, entrepreneurship and trade, as well as human rights, democracy, the rule of law, and gender equality.

SI has a long-standing experience of cooperation with Ukraine and the country already participates in a significant number of ongoing projects with SI funding in the Baltic Sea region and the EU’s Eastern Partnership. An example of this is that SI granted support to 29 projects with partners from Ukraine in 2023 under the SI Baltic Sea Neighbourhood Programme. Ukraine will continue to be an important part of SIs programmes for multilateral cooperation, such as the SI Baltic Sea Neighbourhood Programme and the
Creative Partnerships Programme.

Kurt Bratteby is the head of the International Relations Department at SI: “Development and reform activities need to benefit the population of Ukraine and strengthen democratic institutions as well as Ukraine’s capacity to comply with EU regulations. Support for knowledge-building and increased interpersonal contacts and cooperation between Ukraine and Sweden are an important part of the long-term reform efforts. The Swedish Institute has been tasked with implementing the strategy due to our extensive experience in cooperating with Ukraine through our funding programmes and leadership programmes, as well as our extensive network in the region,” he says.

Facts about the call for proposals

The Swedish Institute plans to have one call for proposals under the new programme annually, with the first application round scheduled for March 2024. Projects approved in the first round are expected to commence in the autumn of 2024.

It will be possible to apply for three different types of grants, and there should always be a Swedish main applicant (legal entity) who submits the application to SI. In addition, the application must be made in partnership with at least one organisation, business, public authority or cultural actor from Ukraine. 

Project Preparation
This is a smaller grant, aimed at laying the foundation for future cooperation. It can involve relationship-building activities, meetings, and workshops to discuss or conduct simpler feasibility studies. Max. SEK 200,000 and a project period of 12 months. 

Cooperation Projects
This is a grant to conduct capacity-building activities for entities and/or target groups in Ukraine. Max. SEK 2,000,000 and a project period of 24 months. 

Educational Programmes
This is a grant to implement thematic educational programmes for target groups in Ukraine. The aim is to strengthen participants’ competence to advocate for reforms and development. Max. SEK 3,000,000 and a project period of 24 months. 

Visit SI:s project database for more information about projects that have recieved funding.