Light on Bike in Serbia with manifestation, talks and film screening of Bikes vs Cars

With support from SI the Swedish Embassy in Belgrade arranges a manifestation dedicated to the bicycle culture in the city Sombor, located in northern Serbia. The city with 40.000 inhabitants is known for its rich cultural heritage, stunning architecture and its bicycle friendliness.

25 May programme

11:00 gathering
11:30 Cycling tour by the Canal

12:45 Refreshment and mingle at the old courtyard “The Seven mullberries”
13:30 The end of the tour

Sombor Cultural center, outdoor space
19:00 “Light on bike” Presentation by Johan Tell, Swedish writer, journalist and cyclist
20:00 Film screening „Cars vs Bikes“

Plats: City center of Sombor, Cultural center Sombor

Talks and Film screening Bikes vs Cars
19:00 participants welcome to the Cultural Center where the Swedish writer, journalist and avid cyclist, Johan Tell will speak on the benefits of cycling. Johan will also talk about one of his most famous books “En cyklo pedi” and his various adventures on bike.

At 20:00 the audience will have the opportunity to see the Swedish movie Bikes vs. Cars, by film maker Fredrik Gertten.