More than 400 scholarships awarded to international students

The Swedish Institute manages the Swedish government’s international awards scheme aimed at developing global leaders who will contribute to the 2030 Agenda. More than 400 international talents have just been awarded scholarships for higher education in Sweden.

The scholarship programmes offer unique opportunities for global professionals to develop professionally and academically, to experience Swedish society and culture, and to build a long-lasting relationship with Sweden and with each other.

This year the Swedish Institute have offered 420 full-time scholarships to which more than 7 000 students have applied. That is an increase in almost 1 500 applications from the previous year. Åsa Lundmark is head of the scholarship unit:

– We are excited about an increased interest in SI’s scholarships that offer an opportunity for ambitious and talented professionals to strengthen their competence in their respective fields. For us in Sweden, it is important to be able to attract talents that during the study period establish lifelong relationships with Sweden, which in the long term strengthens Sweden’s interests and position internationally.

The aim of the awards programme is to enable the scholarship holders to play an active role in the positive development of the societies in which they live. The ideal candidates are ambitious young professionals with academic qualifications, demonstrated work and leadership experience, ambition to make a difference by working with issues which contribute to sustainable development in their country.

Although the acceptance rate of the SI scholarship offer is very high, the current situation naturally raises a lot of questions. Communication with the new laureats is therefore intense; a special webpage with frequently askled questions is continually updated accordingly and the scholarship team is on schedule to offer advice. Åsa Lundmark continues:

– The ongoing Covid-19 epidemic presents us and the scholarship laureats with new challenges. But we will do all we can to make it possible for everyone to start their studies this autumn, on site in Sweden or through distance learning.