“My aim is not to get stuck and to always learn and try new things”

Dominikas Narbutas, public servant at the Ministry of Transportation and Communications in Lithuania participated in SI Summer Academy for Young Professionals (SAYP) and attended a two-week training course at Linköping University on the topic of e-governance. He considers that e-governance is about moving and changing and he aims to always learn and try new things.

Why did you apply to SAYP (Summer Academy for Young Professionals)?

I had heard many good things about the Swedish Institute programmes and wanted to be part of it. I got information about SAYP  from the International Cooperation Division at the Lithuanian Transport Safety Administration where I work. They told me that I was the most suitable guy for this programme in the organization. I made a good CV, motivation letter and I am so happy to have been part of this wonderful programme. It´s a dream that came true.

Is there something you will do differently in your work because of what you learned in SAYP?

I think I will have more conversations before making decision, it is good to get different opinions. Despite all these digitalization processes it is still very important to talk to each other, to understand other people. I can say that I will listen to others more. E-governance is about moving and changing, there is nothing permanent, so my aim is not to get stuck, to always learn and try new things. I will try to be more adaptive than before and focus on cooperation.

What are your learnings when it comes to e-governance?

I think you can’t escape from e-governance so you should learn how to use it in the best way. I think it helps a lot, for example register to doctor, declare your fees, register your car. You don’t need to stand in the queues anymore and that’s the basic thing, if you want to avoid bureaucracy.

What are your recommendations to anyone thinking of applying to SAYP?

I can say only good things about Linköping University and SAYP. It is worth to be here! The staff at the University showed us a lot of attention and they all wanted that we would get a good impression about Sweden and gain as much knowledge as possible. Not only have I learned a lot but I also have a broader social network. I have 15 more Facebook friends! It was interesting to get information about the situation in Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova and Estonia. I am sure that I have a few good colleagues around the world after this.

If you had to choose one thing that you liked about SAYP, what would that be?

It would be the social networking. I really appreciate that this is all about the people, how government should care about their citizens. I was really impressed with Linköping Municipality, how they were talking about public servants, why it is important to serve to people and what  the main challenges are.

Where do you see yourself in the future – what’s your goal?

In the future I see myself as an expert, lecturer in public and private sector cooperation, performance quality or head of public institution.

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