“My years as an SI scholar will equip me to serve my country in advancing human rights protection.”

Tamazi Sozashvili, a human rights activist and SI scholarship holder, hope to ensure the protection of vulnerable groups in Georgia. He shares his aspirations for the future with us and his advice to those hoping to apply for the SI Scholarship.
A picture of Tamaz.

Tamazi has been determined to advance his professional knowledge and skills in human rights-based policymaking and implementation. He hopes to one day contribute to the building of a sustainable democracy in Georgia.

– Georgia has been experiencing significant democratic backsliding, which requires crucial efforts to overturn. Human rights violations remain one of the critical challenges in the country. Therefore, as a human rights activist, I have been determined to advance my professional knowledge and skills in human rights-based policymaking and implementation.

When asked why he applied to Sweden, he shared that the interdisciplinary approach of Swedish education system and the SI Scholarship were the two most important factors.

– As an activist holding a bachelor’s degree in social work, I have always been interested in human rights not only from a legal perspective but from an interdisciplinary approach. Unfortunately, no such postgraduate program exists in Georgia. The master’s program in human rights and social work at the University of Gothenburg was an excellent choice to obtain new competencies, built on my previous knowledge and experience to make my work more effective.

– The SI Scholarship was the most abundant opportunity. It provides tuition fees for diverse master’s programmes in the field of my interest as well as coverage of living expenses. The SI network for future global professionals also offers numerous events to further our knowledge, hands-on experience, and a network.

While the choice of study destination leans heavily on the academic parts of the experience, Tamazi believes it’s important to also mention the impact that Swedish culture and society has had on him.

– Holding an SI Scholarship is not only an educational but a life-changing experience. The university program assists me in familiarising myself with theoretical knowledge and successful policy initiatives in the human rights fields, while living in Sweden presents a whole new perspective on how society can function more sustainably.

Tamaz has great aspirations for his future and is confident that this study experience will get him where he wants to be.

– I am confident that my two years of experience as an SI scholar will equip me to effectively serve my country and beyond in advancing human rights protection and democratic development. I will be delighted to apply my competences into Georgia’s policy making processes and to ensure the protection of human rights for LGBTQ+ community and other vulnerable groups.

When asked what his suggestions are for students/academics/professionals who aspire to apply for the SI Scholarship, he is not short on advice.

– If you read this and consider applying for SI Scholarship, you have already made a huge step forward. Now, I would suggest all of you to plan the application process carefully and follow its execution step by step. Make good research of the interesting postgraduate programs as well as SI priorities in your country. SI website will assist you in that matter with relevant information’s and links to other sources. In addition, there are always current scholars or alumni who will be glad to answer your questions and guide.

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