With the help of drones, Helena wants to change the world for the better. Her company Globhe collect data for the purpose of predicting or preventing disasters and outbreaks, The drones are used to collect data via images, for example malaria outbreaks or natural disasters. Globhe is connected to nearly 4000 drone-pilots in 77 countres, a number that is growing every week. Clients can request image data from almost anywhere in the world and Globhe can put it together to a digital map.

In the movie you will find out more about Helena’s driving forces and what inspired her, as well as more about how the drones are used and the technology behind it.

Stories from Sweden is sweden.se’s documentary film concept for Youtube, which will raise curiosity about Sweden. The films follow individual people’s stories and are aimed at a young international target group interested in topics  such as sustainability, innovation and societal issues, such as integration, culture and gender equality.

See the full movie here and learn more about the series at https://www.youtube.com/sweden