Film streaming during the pandemic

During the Covid-19 pandemic cinemas and movie theatres are closed, hence the Swedish Institute offers Swedish embassies and consulates to stream short films through their digital channels. The dark comedy Memory Metals deals with digital exclusion for elderly people.
Elderly couple sitting on the sofa drinking coffee

Roland, a retired engineer, gets an iPad from his family to keep him updated in the modern digital world. Instead of digital euphoria the new technology breaks him down in to bits. Roland longs for the the analogue world that he understood.

Memory Metals is a dark comedy on an old man’s unfortunate encounter with an Ipad. The subject matter of the short film – ageing and digital exclusion – has for long captivated Beata Konar, director, and Miko Lazic, photographer. They hope that the film will open up for a discussion on what new technology is doing with us, and that it doesn’t only open doors, but also might close some. What has happened lately in society is that physical meetings and events have become digital and abstract, says Beata Konar.

During May, Swedish embassies and consulates can share the film in their social media.

Promotional trailer: