Post immigration literature on the schedule in Moscow, Archangel and Milan

Distance learning has been a daily practice for students at the universities of Russia and Italy who study Swedish and other Nordic languages.

A guest lecture by Maïmouna Jagne-Soreau, PhD student in Nordic literature at the University of Helsinki and Paris-Sorbonne, which was scheduled to take place at the Russian State University of Moscow and the Northern Arctic Federal University of Archangel, was not canceled. Instead, more students were given the opportunity to listen to the lecture on post immigration literature in the Nordic countries through digital meetings.

Maïmouna talked about her dissertation project, which deals with satire and intermediation, between exclusion, ethnic capital and about being non-white when born and raised in the Nordic countries.

75 Swedish students and teachers in Moscow, Archangel and Milan participated in the two lectures, which included interactivity through questions and assignments that the students answered via chat. Thanks to our Swedish lecturers Hanna Sandborgh and Lina Bysell who arranged the lectures.